Rhythm Pad


Thanks to everyone who participated in the Rhythm Pad Video Contest. We are so happy to announce the winners of this contest. Here are the entries submitted by the winners.

In order to appreciate the efforts of a few contestants, we have decided to offer a second prize category worth $50 prize money.


First Place

Contestant Name: Lee Noonan
Prize Money: $100

Second Place

Contestant Name: Mike Rhine
Prize Money: $50

Contestant Name: Bree Danielle
Prize Money: $50


Judgment Citeria

Videos will be judged on how well you are able to portray the app. That might even count your drumming skills.

Terms and Conditions

You must own the copyright of any content you upload.
You grant us the permission to use your video for any promotional purposes.
You grant us the permission to edit your video, make clips of your video and use in along with any of our promotional videos.
Last date for submission of entries is July 31, 2012.
Winners will be announced on August 15, 2012 at http://www.rhythmpad.com/contest.
We may increase (but not decrease) the prize amount or may add additional prize categories.


The winner will receive US $100 payable by PayPal.


The contest is open to all who are above 18 years of age. The contestant must have a valid PayPal account.